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In response to a letter

Hello again,
I'll respond to things as I find them, k? I'll put your comments in bold.

You said:
"Judas Iscariot however, was indeed a chosen one." 

My scriptural reasons for seeing him as not anointed, are many. I refer to some...

Take note of John 13:12-19:
12 When, now, he had washed their feet and had put his outer garments on and laid himself down at the table again, he said to them: “Do YOU know what I have done to YOU? 13 YOU address me, ‘Teacher,’ and, ‘Lord,’ and YOU speak rightly, for I am such. 14 Therefore, if I, although Lord and Teacher, washed YOUR feet, YOUalso ought to wash the feet of one another. 15 For I set the pattern for YOU, that, just as I did to YOUYOU should do also. 16 Most truly I say to YOU, A slave is not greater than his master, nor is one that is sent forth greater than the one that sent him. 17 If YOU know these things, happy YOU are if YOU do them. 18 I am not talking about all of YOU; I know the ones I have chosen. But it is in order that the Scripture might be fulfilled, ‘He that used to feed on my bread has lifted up his heel against me.’ 19 From this moment on I am telling YOU before it occurs, in order that when it does occur YOU may believe that I am [he]. 

Here Jesus makes clear that Judas (who lifted up his heal against Jesus) was not one of the chosen. He only "fed on Jesus' bread" ...literally and spiritually. 
This scripture is enough to show he was not one of the "chosen". But this is further confirmed at Acts1:2,3. Here it defines the chosen apostles, as those who were present just prior to Jesus' ascension.

Further reasoning should be done, based upon when the 11 were anointed.
Although the other 11 were "chosen" before Jesus' death, they were not yet anointed with Holy Spirit. They were not yet spirit begotten, (like an embryo is conceived, but not yet born) that must grow to birth (born again in resurrection). 

We know that they had not yet been anointed, due to Acts 1:4; 2:4:
 4And while he was meeting with them he gave them the orders: “Do not withdraw from Jerusalem, but keep waiting for what the Father has promised, about whichYOU heard from me; 5 because John, indeed, baptized with water, but YOU will be baptized in holy spirit not many days after this.”
 4 and they all became filled with holy spirit and started to speak with different tongues, just as the spirit was granting them to make utterance.

Notice the "Baptism" in "Holy Spirit" did not occur until Pentecost. This is only for those who are spirit begotten (conceived, but not yet born).
This baptism with Holy Spirit is the anointing. 
There is a legal reason for this delay, which our righteous Father would not violate. Jesus had not yet ascended to the Father to present the ransom, which pays for the forgiveness of sins and the new covenant. Before these things were legally established, there was no basis for anyone to become anointed. This is why Jesus said:
John16: 5 But now I am going to him that sent me, and yet not one of YOU asks me, ‘Where are you going?’ 6 But because I have spoken these things to YOU grief has filled YOURhearts. 7 Nevertheless, I am telling YOU the truth, It is for YOUR benefit I am going away. For if I do not go away, the helper will by no means come to YOU; but if I do go my way, I will send him to YOU.
(See also, Acts 2:33)
 Certainly Jesus possessed Holy Spirit even before his death, demonstrated by all the miracles he performed. He also was able to give it to his disciples for them to perform works (John20:22; Luke10:19). 
Why was the receiving of spirit at Pentecost, different? 
Because the Purpose of this giving of spirit, was different than before. It was for them to become seed of the promises given to Abraham, along with Christ (Gal.3:16,29). This standing was not possible until the ransom was presented (Heb.9:23,24). 
So then, not only was Judas identified as not one of Christ's "chosen", he was dead when the others were anointed.

When Jesus made reference to the arrival of Spirit on Pentecost, he made the following references as to what it would do for them.....

 John14:26 But the helper, the holy spirit, which the Father will send in my name, that one will teach YOU all things and bring back to YOUR minds all the things I told YOU. 
 John15:26When the helper arrives that I will send YOU from the Father, the spirit of the truth, which proceeds from the Father, that one will bear witness about me; 
John16:12 “I have many things yet to say to YOU, but YOU are not able to bear them at present. 13 However, when that one arrives, the spirit of the truth, he will guideYOU into all the truth

These three scriptures confirm, that he was speaking of anointment, when examined with 1John2:20,27:

 20 And YOUhave an anointing from the holy one; all of YOU have knowledge. 
. 27 And as for YOU, the anointing that YOU received from him remains in YOU, and YOU do not need anyone to be teaching YOU; but, as the anointing from him is teaching YOUabout all things, and is true and is no lie, and just as it has taught YOU, remain in union with him.  

Clearly, if we yield to the scriptures and let them guide us; the spirit that was poured out after Christ ascended to heaven, was for the purpose of anointment. 
Judas was not there to become spirit begotten.

There are also prophetic reasons to believe that Judas was not of the anointed.

This is in reference to his being the "son of destruction", which we know is a parallel to the "man of lawlessness".
(John17:12; 2Thess.2:3)
I know you are of the opinion that the "man of lawlessness" are the Gov. Bdy ruling over Jehovah's Witnesses; but because of the insight I have received, I know this identity to be un-anointed ones. This may seem strange, when we consider how much power and authority this identity has, but scriptures clearly explain how this comes about.

We know that above the beast there rides a Harlot. We know that above the locust/scorpions, there is a fallen anointed one, "Wormwood" (who was a great star burning as a lamp--Rev.2:1). "Wormwood" IS clearly an anointed one who "fell from heaven", and lost that enrollment in the heavens. (Rev.8:10,11; 9:1; Heb.12:23) (see- )

When we look at the relationship between the Organization, (run by it's army of elders and overseers) (Beast, Locust/scorpions) and their leaders (Two-horned false prophet, Harlots, "Wormwood") we see that the leader figure (Gov. Body) empowers the Beast/Locust-scorpions/Image of Beast with great powers and authority.
For example:
 3 And out of the smoke locusts came forth upon the earth; and authority was given them, the same authority as the scorpions of the earth have.  
5 And it was granted the [locusts], not to kill them, but that these should be tormented five months, and the torment upon them was as torment by a scorpion when it strikes a man. 6 And in those days the men will seek death but will by no means find it, and they will desire to die but death keeps fleeing from them.
7 And the likenesses of the locusts resembled horses prepared for battle; and upon their heads [were] what seemed to be crowns like gold, and their faces [were] as men’s faces, 8 but they had hair as women’s hair. And their teeth were as those of lions; 9 and they had breastplates like iron breastplates. And the sound of their wings [was] as the sound of chariots of many horses running into battle. 10 Also, they have tails and stings like scorpions; and in their tails is their authority to hurt the men five months.

Out of the same abyss that "Wormwood" has the "key" to, comes the Wild Beast....

7 And when they have finished their witnessing, the wild beast that ascends out of the abyss will make war with them and conquer them and kill them. 
(the faithful "two witnesses")

So, does the wild beast have the same attributes as the "man of lawlessness"? 
 2Thess.2:4 He is set in opposition and lifts himself up over everyone who is called “god” or an object of reverence, so that he sits down in the temple of The God, publicly showing himself to be a god."

The actual "gods", or "objects of reverence", are the anointed "sons of God" (Rom.8:14,16,17; 9:26; Gal.3:26,29; 2Cor.6:16,17,18). The "man of lawlessness" sets himself above them. (Psalm82:6; Isa.14:13; Rev.1:20)

"He" is said to raise himself above the anointed in God's Temple, and show himself a god, with the power to dominate even the anointed. If that were false priests and kings ("what seemed to be crowns like gold" Rev.9:7) in Jehovah's temple...empowered to kill/expel the anointed...Would that not be a disgusting thing standing in a Holy Place? (Matt.24:15) Remember, that disgusting thing is not an anointed one, but those uncircumcised and of the Nations (see La.1:10; Eze.44:6,7,8,9; Dan.11:31) (First fulfilled by the Roman soldiers in the sanctuary. John19:15,16) THEY enter and stand (rule), where only the priests of Jehovah should be.
If this were an anointed one, there would be no violation for him to show himself as one of the gods/priests in Gods Temple.

Can you see why Jehovah would be so incensed?...that unanointed elders would raise themselves over the Chosen among God's people (God's Temple), and replace His priests?
[the disgusting thing in a holy place 2Chron.13:9)]
(see )

We are even told that this beast receives so much authority and divinity, that "all the earth will worship it".
They would never have this power, unless the unfaithful anointed leaders, gave it to them.
This is exactly what we see depicted in the scriptures:
11 And I saw another wild beast ascending out of the earth, and it had two horns like a lamb (Matt.7:15), but it began speaking as a dragon. (John8:38,44) 12 And it exercises all the authority of the first wild beast in its sight. And it makes the earth and those who dwell in it worship the first wild beast"
We know that Judas was only a pawn for the Scribes and Pharisees to get to Jesus. If the Governing Body is the "Man of Lawlessness", then who are they pawns of? No. The Governing Body are the present manifestation of the symbolic Scribes and Pharisees, and their pawn, (the "man of lawlessness") are the present manifestation of the symbolic "Judas", the "man of lawlessness". This "wild beast" is rode by Harlots, and is given life by a separate "two horned" beast/false prophet...the Governing  Body.

Here again is that anointed great power and great authority to others who are not anointed Rev.9:1,3,7. All these prophecies are describing the same events, all to occur during the time of the end. Each prophecy gives another descriptive layer, to the same events. Each prophetic application, further defines and tailors the interpretation of each.

True, the beast does sport the crowns of the 10 kings who surrender their future kingdom to the beast (Rev.17:12). But those horns and crowns do not direct the Beast. The separate "two horned" beast, does (Rev.13:12,14).
"And IT exercises ALL the authority of the first wild beast in it's sight."
This makes perfect application...because the anointed throughout the earth (who are "kings" who have not yet received their kingdom), are not part of the directive Governing Body; 
just as the horns and crowns of the wild beast (ten kings Rev.17:12), are neither the harlots who ride it, nor the "two horned" false prophet...
just as the locust/scorpions, are not the fallen star/lamp "Wormwood".
The entire beast (10 horn/kings included) is separate from the fallen anointed that direct it.

If we look to the Bible and not ourselves for the identity of the Man of Lawlessness (2Thess.2:3; Gen.40:8) tells us that the beast has a "man's number" (Rev.13:18). He measures up (number) the same as the "man of the Bible (2Thess.2:3). They are both full of lies ("666" Rev.16:13) (see ) and pride (Job.41:34 see Hebrew) and power (Rev.9:1,3). They both raise themselves up over, and attack the faithful anointed.

You see, the Governing Body themselves do not attack, sting, expel and "kill" the faithful themselves....(no, they don't get their hands dirty)...
the wild beast does it for them (as Judas and the Romans, acted for the religious leaders of his day)...because the Beast has come to be above the anointed "objects of reverence" in power (2Thess.2:4; Dan.11:36,37; 7:25; 8:24; Rev.11:2; 13:7).
("Who are the 'gods'?")
They rise to this position, thanks to the Governing Body/"two horned" beast/Harlots; who bear the primary responsibility for persecuting their brothers in Christ...through the Beast (Rev.17:6; 18:24; 13:11,15; 11:7; John19:10,11; 1John3:12).

When we are told that the "ten kings" rule one hour with the wild beast, this does not make these "ten kings" rulers of the beast, nor do they exercise control over the beast. 
[The "harlots" who ride the beast, do that (which Harlot the ten kings commit fornication with)].
These anointed kings have sold out their future kingdom, in order to keep esteem with the Organization/Wild Beast. If they did not surrender and worship the Wild Beast, it would attack them also (Rev.13:15). Because of this idolatrous allegiance with the Wild Beast, they will be given position and honor with men. They will be given those counterfeit crowns along with the elders that they share position with ("rule with the wild beast"... "with", not over  the beast). 

You see, the anointed who do pledge allegiance with the Organization, are treated Very Well. 
Those who don't are certainly being stung, by those very ones who have raised themselves up over us (Rev.9:10), the elder army/Beast/(locust/scorpions), of the Governing Body/ Harlot.
Yet, the "crown" the idolatrous anointed ones receive (ten kings who worship/give allegiance to, the Beast/Organization), is no different than the crowns the elders receive (Rev.9:7). You see, it is nothing to be anointed in the Organization now. All that matters, is if you have been given position based upon your obedience to, the "Faithful Slave", the Governing Body (Rev.13:12).
All those who have been given position (crowns) by this "Wormwood", have been given elder rulership....whether they are anointed or not.
But it is the anointed kings, His Chosen Ones who compromise, that matter to Jehovah. This is why they are noted in Revelation, as distinct from the Beast (ten horns with ten diadems).
In this way, the ten kings rule WITH the Beast....for one stinkin' hour. (the hour of test/tribulation/decision/inspection)

The man of lawlessness, and the wild beast (the same entity) take authority in all the Congregations. Unfaithful anointed "kings" are in among them. But these ones do not ride the beast or in any way, control it. 
If you were still inside, you would know the unbelievable power the Governing Body now has, and how that power is not shared with other anointed. 
They, the Governing Body (who were "virgins" in a covenant with God)...are the Harlots (not the horns of the beast)! They have left the New Covenant to become daughters of a replacement covenant...the Covenant of Death (Isa.28:15,18). That is their new "mother" covenant.....Babylon the Great....the MOTHER of the Harlots (Rev.17:5).

The mother covenant of death, has as her Husbandly owner, Satan the Devil (Rev.9:11). He is the King of the Abyss, who gave the key of it, to fallen "Wormwood", his new harlot daughter/seed (Rev.13:11; John8:38,44).
This is Satan's counterfeit and deceptive antithesis of the "mother" of the anointed "virgins"...Jerusalem above...the Covenant of Life (Gal.4:24,26).
(see )

I know it might seem a lot to ask, but 
I do hope that if you have not yet read these articles, that you will.
and especially

I feel confident that if you do, you will benefit, and understand so much more of what I am talking about, with all the scriptures of the Bible, being in harmony.

If you believe that the Governing Body is the ten kings....then who is the "two horned" wild beast/false prophet, which gives the wild beast life and power?

Rev.13:14 And it ("two horned" beast) misleads those who dwell on the earth, because of the signs that were granted it to perform in the sight of the wild beast, while it tells those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the wild beast that had the sword-stroke and yet revived. 15 And there was granted it to give breath to the image of the wild beast, so that the image of the wild beast should both speak and cause to be killed all those who would not in any way worship the image of the wild beast."

Note that the wild beast is the one that does the killing of any who do not worship it's image. This has to be the elders...anointed or not.
These do the actual dirty work/disfellowshipping for the Governing Body. The wild beast that does the "killing" is not the two horned one who empowered it.

15 "And there was granted it to give breath to the image of the wild beast"

Yes, the "Image" of the Organization!
Isn't it true that the Governing Body has told all those of the "earth" to make an idolatrous "Image" of the Organization, and bow down to that "Image"?
We are taught that the Organization has it's own divinity...being "spirit-directed" and "spirit-appointed".
We are told to let the elders have absolute control to direct our thinking and actions (the identifying slave mark of the Beast on the forehead and/or hand).
      (see: )
They have built up the "Image" of the Beast's power and authority. 
Because it is this very beast they ride and use to "kill" their foes. They desire that beast to have iron power for them.
What they don't realize, is that this very beast is what will turn on them in the end.
They are the daughters/"flesh" of the Mother of the Harlots (Rev.17:16).

How tragic that the sheep claiming to be dedicated to Jehovah God, have been deceived into giving their obeisance to the creation, rather than the Creator. (Rom.1:25; Jer.2:21,25,27,29,35,37; Rev.6:16)

I have not related to you all the many scriptures that harmonize with this interpretation...
that of the wild beast as being the organization of unanointed, who sport the lost crowns of the anointed kings who surrendered their future glory with Christ, in order to avoid the wrath of the "Beast". And for those anointed men who become elders, to receive the same fake crown of authority given to the unanointed elders.

You see, the locust-scorpions of Rev.9 are elders, not anointed ones. The few scattered anointed in the organization (even if they are elders) do not effectively sting and expel the (as yet) unsealed men, singlehandedly. These phony crowns represent the authority given the beast, by the "two horned" beast/false prophet.
This is the parallel to "Wormwood" giving authority to the locust/scorpions.  (see )
The unanointed elders (beast) rules one hour, just as much as any anointed elder rules (horns of beast). They are equal, because that rule is based upon the authority and position of "elder", not upon "anointed". 
The Governing Body is separate from this, in that they are above the beast, it's horns, and their counterfeit crowns. Like their "mother" Babylon the Great...these harlot daughters ride the organizational Beast.

I will also confide to you that the book of Revelation is open to me now...and Jesus has shown me that for every true fulfillment of prophecy, Satan has fabricated a counterfeit. This is the underlying meaning of the whole book!
I say this now, because the "two horned" beast, is the counterfeit "two witnesses". They are the anointed "false prophet"...the Governing Body (Rev.16:13; 20:10).
The Beast they control and empower, is not them, nor part of them; nor they, a part of it.
The ten kings, do not lead or rule the organization. The only part they can have, is to rule WITH the Beast, (not over it, nor provide it life) (Rev.17:12).

Any power the wild beast has, (any power the organizational army of elders have)... is due to the inspired utterances of demons, being published in the study articles, and coming directly approved in the meeting room of the Governing Body.(Rev.16:13)
No other anointed but them, have the power to direct the Beast/Organization today.
The other anointed can only be a part of the Organization/Beast.
They either give their crown to the Beast, or they're OUT.
(three kings humiliated and "plucked out" Dan.7:8)

I hope you can make room for what I am certain is sourced in Holy Spirit.
I know how hard it is to be open to other ideas than what we have arrived at.

But please know this....
I can not account for why Jehovah chose me for this work I have been given. I can only strive to be faithful. But I tell you honestly and truly Abe....
Jehovah has chosen me to be a prophet....not just because of a feeling, nor because of being anointed, or because I think I understand the Bible.

He gave me visions, just as real as any other in the entire Bible. I fear He has opened to me more than I can ever write in this lifetime.
I am so concerned, that you consider what he has shown me. Because I know it to be true...not just because of putting scriptures together...
but because His divine spirit showed me plainly. It had absolutely nothing to do with my own thought processes or intuition.

For every unprofitable saying that men speak, they will render an account in the Judgement. This is so, because that "Tremendous Job" you spoke of, is made all the harder, when errors are being promoted alongside the truth. (Matt.12:36,37)
I tell you plainly....I am one of the prophets...not by my own will, but because I was taken to be so.
While I am not able to fulfill this in my own ability, I can only pray that Jehovah will enable me to please Him.
I beg you to suspend your public ministry, until you consider what I have been given.

For all the articles that are now public,

But so that you can understand better Babylon the Great and her harlot daughters,
is the best place to start. It will help you see that the "mothers" are covenants, they are not people themselves. But their daughters, are.
Their daughters are either virgins, or harlots.

Please write me with any questions.
I guess I am only going to cover your first statement for now. 
(You said, "Judas Iscariot however, was indeed a chosen one.")
I hope you can see that he was not "chosen" to be an heir...based upon:
*That Jesus himself stated that he did not "choose" him, other than to fulfill the scriptures about his betrayer.
*That he was not present at the first anointing
*That he is a parallel to the "man of lawlessness" who according to the whole depiction of this identity within the scriptures, is not anointed either.

I'll be around today working on-line, if you send any questions.

Below is an additional post concerning this subject:

There is an important update to the article,  .
It is the addition of scriptures, to prove the point that the "disgusting thing standing in a holy place" (Dan.9:27; 11:31; 12:11; Matt.24:15), is the un-anointed Gentiles, the "Man of Lawlessness" ruling in God's Temple Sanctuary over the unsealed anointed (anointed who are not part of those Harlots who rule over that Lawless Wild Beast.)

The reason why these scriptures have been added to prove that the defilement of the sanctuary, IS the presence of invited Gentiles in the Sanctuary, is because:
I have seen others teach that this defilement of the Sanctuary, are the "dungy idols" and other spiritual adulteries of those anointed who are ruling (the "Harlots")

Both interpretations are correct. You see, the "dungy idols" (male genital images) and the spiritual Harlotry, ARE representations of the relationship between the "Man of Lawlessness" and the "Harlots". 

The Harlots ride this Beast, who rules for the Harlots within God's Sanctuary. The Harlots exercise their authority over God's people, THROUGH the Beast (the Man of Lawlessness/Gentiles in the Sanctuary/False Priests).
Those who are teaching that the "disgusting thing standing in a holy place" is not the presence of "Nations" in the sanctuary, but is rather the defiling acts of the unfaithful anointed, are wrong... in that the placement of the Gentiles in the Sanctuary IS the defiling acts and idol of these ruling Harlots! Jer.2:29-37
This gift of power that she gives them, is her harlotry! 
The sanctuary represents the intimacy between Jehovah and His priests. She has sold it, and given it to foreigners (Gentiles). She has lusted after the power they afford her (the male organ). Among these who fornicate with her, are the "ten kings" who have joined to rule with her Wild Beast. [These "kings" are the unsealed anointed who accept the mark of slavery to the Beast (and have left off being slaves to Jehovah.)]
These Gentile ones (and ten kings) do not enter the Sanctuary against the will of the Harlots, but at her bidding! When this Gentile "Man of Lawlessness" seats Himself in God's Temple to "Stand"/Rule, ...He rules over all the other anointed that are not the Harlot Leaders. Those anointed priests have been thrown out from serving Jehovah in His Sanctuary....replaced by those Gentile Elders and unfaithful anointed "kings" (who the Harlots have installed due to their loyalty to Her). Only those Leading/Ruling Harlots, ride and control the Beast/Man of Lawlessness...
not the rest of the lesser anointed who are ruled BY THEM.

These lesser anointed who are not yet sealed, are being disciplined. Jehovah is allowing their domination by these Gentiles. Why? Because these ones have voluntarily subjected themselves to this Harlot and accepted the rule of her Gentile Priests, in betrayal to Jehovah and Christ, their true Lords and Kings.
Until these ones wake up and remember their True Lord, Head, and Master; they will not get sealed. 
These must remember the grace and mercy Jehovah showed them...the glory to which they were called. They must stop selling their heavenly reward away, out of fear of, or enticement by, the glory of men.

Here is an excerpt from the article, that contains that update...(I have highlighted the new scriptures in yellow)...

(2Thess.2:4) "He" is said to raise himself above the anointed in God's Temple, and show himself a god, with the power to dominate even the anointed. If that were false priests and kings ("what seemed to be crowns like goldRev.9:7) in Jehovah's temple...empowered to kill/expel the anointed...Would that not be a disgusting thing "standing in a Holy Place"? (Matt.24:15) Remember, that disgusting thing is not an anointed one, but those uncircumcised and of the Nations (see La.1:10Eze.44: 6789Dan.11:31) (First fulfilled by the Roman soldiers in the sanctuary.) THEY enter and stand (rule), where only the priests of Jehovah should be (Zech.1:14,15).
If this were an anointed one, there would be no violation for him to show himself as one of the gods/priests in Gods Temple.
Just as the Jewish religious leaders used the Romans against Christ John19:15,16 (who challenged their power and exposed their wickedness); so too the Harlots ("Wormwood") use the Gentile Elders/False Priests who defile the Temple Sanctuary, against Christ's brothers (who challenge their power and expose their wickedness). As the Romans turned on the too will the Wild Beast turn on these Harlots.

***The disgusting thing (Gentiles) standing (ruling) in a holy place (Temple Sanctuary), is the Man of Lawlessness/Wild Beast, ruling in God's Temple, over the anointed that are not sealed yet.***
 Those anointed are God's chosen priests, who have been thrown out of their rightful position in the sanctuary, by that Wild Beast/Man ...who rules FOR the Harlots (Ruling anointed who have left the Covenant with God.)

The Man of Lawlessness



  1. Oh my Pearl;

    My brain feels like a pretzel after digesting this informational adjustment WOW.. Your like meeting Robert King on steroids, and he has privately hinted to me a few years back he was in the crazed prophet class.. lol except its not funny.

    In regards to the first “Wild Beast”

    If I may ask you a question regarding Rev 17: starting with verse 9 forward there appears to be a significant amount of variables i.e. heads that are mountains, kings that have fallen, king that is present, kings yet to come.. ?..How do you make these scriptural events fit??

    I may have missed your making reference to these seaming obstacles to your adjusted understanding, any ways these are very new concepts to me so I will take things in stride.. You recommended reading more of your articles which could round things out..
    Although I remember one of the posters on Roberts other site was referring to some of the subjects your describing just not all the detail more or less just the end results of your scenario…

    Thanks Pearl … Its a lot to swallow in a couple hour sitting..


  2. Hello Truthseeker,
    I will assume that the verses you seek understanding to are 9-11. I have already written about the rest, and also have articles in the works for those.
    Don't worry...there are no "obstacles". All the scriptures are in perfect harmony, when viewed according to Truth.
    Thus far, I have let Jehovah's spirit teach me...what He chooses, when He chooses. I have been disciplined for the few times I have gone ahead of that. I did however, pray about your question, because I have often done so in regard to other questions...the answers to which I had not yet received, and yet was answered. I then wrote what insight I received, as an answer to those past questions.
    When I prayed about your question, I did receive a partial outline...and my head is swimming! For what things I did not receive, these may come at a future time, or may be given some other chosen one (perhaps you). That decision rests with the Father. This particular puzzle involves many pieces...many of which are in the book of Daniel. I am not able today to give all of this basic outline to you. As I have done before, I will need to write an article on this, while guided by spirit. But I will give you some of what I received today, in response to your question....
    To understand verses 9-11 in chapter 17 of Revelation, the previous verses of chapter 17, as well as many other scriptures, need to be understood. You are going to have to pray, and do some homework...but I will give you some key references.
    Rev.17:9 ----
    First...the "woman". This is not the "harlots" (plural)...but one of the harlots. This can be discerned because she is not the single "mother" of the harlots. We know this because she has that "mother" on her forehead (single "woman" Rev.17:5), showing that she (her thinking) is a slave to that mother covenant (BTG). This "mother" is the antithesis of the "mother" of the "virgins"..."Jerusalem above"...the Covenant of life (New Covenant--Gal.4:24,26,31). This woman/harlot "sits on top" the seven mountains/seven heads of the Beast (Rev.17:9)...
    The book of Revelation is written in signs/symbols. Jehovah's spirit has shown me that the entire book, is the comparison of the seed of the Covenant with the seed of Satan, and all the unfaithful who have left the covenant, perform to simulate a counterfeit decoy of the true.
    This interpretative key is applied to the seven heads/mountains. It is the antithesis to Rev.1:11,12,16. But this is only half the solution. We must take a closer look at the Beast that possesses these seven heads (and ten horns)...
    You will note that this is a comparison to the symbols of Satan's authority and power (see Rev.12:3)...not by coincidence! Bearing the traits of the Devil, they are his seed (Gen.3:15). This Beast now has all of Satan's worldly authority and power (Rev.13:2c). It has received it through one of the seven harlot/stewards (Rev.9:1,3). [The key to the Abyss, IS the covenant with death/Abyss (Isa.28:15,16,17,18)]

  3. The mountains symbolize congregations that anointed (angels,stars) lead.
    Seven signifies power that Jehovah's justice permits, whether good or evil (Rev.5:6; 17:3; Rom.13:1). We know that the life of this seven-headed beast, and it's father, are TEMPORARILY permitted (Rev.20:10).
    (the only difference between Satan's diadems (seven) and the Beast's (ten), indicates that Satan directly rules the seven RULING steward kings (verse 10)...and the ten kings WHICH THE SEVEN RULE OVER for Satan Rev.9:1 (who are NOT YET RULING Rev.17:12). This Harlot/steward (who is a slave to the covenant of death--her mother) is a "fallen" anointed one (Rev.8:10,11; 9:1; 17:10 a --"five have FALLEN" Rev.12:4a; 8:7,10,12) She is the antithesis of the "woman" who has given birth (Rev.12:13) as well as the "two witnesses" Rev.11:3 (Rev.13:11). This fallen harlot/steward shines the darkness of wormwood waters, derived from demons (Rev.8:11; 16:13,14; 13:11c) This of course, is the antithesis of Rev.11:3; 12:11; 9:16; 6:9,11; 7:4,17; 8:2; 14:4,12.
    But how is it that the Beast receives all Satan's worldly power over the anointed, even being able to "kill" Christ's witnesses (Rev.11:7)...since the Beast did not enter a covenant with Satan, but "Wormwood" did?
    Remember that the harlot who controls the beast (for now), entered into a covenant with Satan/death. Jesus himself was tempted by Satan with this same bribe (Matt.4:8,9) All seven kings/harlots fell down and performed that "act of worship", by compromising truth and making full use of the Abyss of darkness/lies/throne of Satan/worldly power and glory Rev.13:2) They fail this test of loyalty to Truth. This Beast then, has Satan as it's father, and Wormwood as it's spawning mother (Rev.9:2,3; 11:7; 13:15) Wormwood shares her authority with the Beast (Rev.9:3; 13:12), and through her, so does Satan (Rev.12:3; 17:3b). In a spiritual sense, the harlot's fornication with Satan has resulted in the birth of the Beast (who is also called the "son of destruction"/son of "Abaddon"/Man of Lawlessness) 2Thess.2:3.

  4. Rev.17:6 helps to identify this harlot better. Compare that verse to Matt.23:29,30,31,32,33,34,35,37 a)...a clear connection to religious leaders OF GOD'S PEOPLE...those who left their covenant with Jehovah.
    So, back to Rev.17:9,10
    seven heads: rule permitted by God
    ten horns: power over entire earth (same as Satan's)
    ten diadems: all anointed kings throughout the earth who rule WITH (not over)
    the Beast.
    VERSE 10:
    To begin with, this is the antithesis of Rev.1:5
    [Jesus is in a covenant with those faithful anointed virgins who remain faithful daughters/slaves to the covenant of Life (Gal.4:26)]
    I believe that the descriptions of "fallen", "is", "has not yet arrived", and "a short while", and then in verse 11...the Beast itself being an eighth king (after it destroys the harlot)
    all overlap with the timing of VERSE 8....and the relationship between the rules of the seven kings and the presence of the Beast.

    I find that at this point ....the meanings of the unrecognized presence of the Beast, as well as the connection verse 10 has to the book of Daniel; needs to now be gone into and explained.
    I hope you can have the patience to wait for that in depth information, while you chew on this. Please pray for the blessings of spirit and the insight it graciously provides, for both yourself and all Jehovah's anointed ones. We depend on it entirely for any light.
    Thank you for your interest and encouragement,

  5. P.S.
    If you can wait for the simplified articles (which I contribute earnest effort to present with linear reasoning), as well as those articles that lead up to this information which are already "under construction", I think that would be more satisfying for you. The "proper food at the proper time" is best determined by what Jehovah is giving now, and what I can get out according to that order...especially the foundations of prophetic depths. Otherwise, the frame of reference is not established.